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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We All Need Some Tiempo Solito

Every once in a while I come home to an empty house. Usually, my first thought is that Katie has finally come to her senses and run off with Max to a more promising, Baby Daddy-free, future. Then I remember she’s just at her Mom or Dad’s or fabric shopping for her next swear-tastic, sewing machine adventure. There’s a moment when I realize the house is empty, when I’m pretty bummed. You walk up that door, thinking about Max’s face when he sees you and mulling over your options: “First, I zerbert the left hand. Then, right cheek. Mwua-ha-ha-ha!” Then, the kid’s not there. Where do you put that energy? I’ll tell you: you walk over to the stereo and turn up The K really loud. That, or “The Woods” or this, which Katie hates. You gots to have your alone time.
So, apparently, does Max. Over the past few weeks, when we are up in the morning before Max, we’ve heard him just hanging out in his crib, chatting up a storm with, hopefully, not his finger. Katie and I stand there, geeked-out with laughter, while Max unwittingly broadcasts over the baby monitor. After a bit, he amps it up a smidge, and we go in to begin his day.
Interestingly enough, today, we got him up to eat right as he woke up. He seemed a little suprised to see us, but went along with it ’cause he’s a good boy. After a while though, he seemed ready for a nap. I put him down and waited for the normal “fussy-then-sleep” cycle. However, Max laid in there for an hour, talking to himself — never fussing — before drifting off to dreamland. El Max just wanted some alone time.
Now that I think about it, this morning, his face did have that “Oh, you’re home. No, no. That’s great!” look you have on your face when you get interrupted three tracks in and you’re dancing there, in your underwear.


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