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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Poop Your Pants Pt. 2: Accentuate The Positive!

Well, look at this way: he rolled over! He’s been trying to do the flip for a couple of weeks, now, and the furthest he’s gotten is to his side. Until last night, Max hadn’t quite mastered the Problem of the Right Arm, the one that kept him from going completely over. I guess he had an accidental success:
“Legs in the air, lean to the right, aaannd we get the the side. Ugh, stupid arm! Why to you impede me? Ok, ok, back on your back, Max. Good form! Let’s try again: Legs in the air, lean to the right, behave, you, right arm! Tip to the side. Stuck again! Augh! I hate you righ. . . .wait! I’m tipping! Woah! Tummy Time! Cool! Mom! Dad! Tummy Time! Me! . . . Mom?. . . . Dad?. . . . . Oh, boy.”


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