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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Katie’s brave: once Max is asleep, before we go to bed, she’ll go into Max’s room and cover him back up or pull him out of whatever corner into which he’s scooted. Sometimes, she’ll go in there, do her Tae-Bo or practice her Riverdance moves. She’s fearless that way.
Really, what happens is, every night, she checks on the kid and begs me to come see how cute he is, there, in the crib. I generally refuse because: 1. I can’t see him in the dark and 2. I am a dufus and if there’s something to bonk or trip over, I will, and I’m afraid to wake the kid. This results in a nightly argument with Katie standing in Max’s dark room, loud-whispering “Get in here and look at him!” and me in the hallway, loud-whispering back, “No!”
I mention all this because, last night, we sat down to watch our Netflix, Evil Dead 2, and Katie didn’t want to because she remembered the first one being so very scary. I told her the second one was more comedy than horror and she was a wuss for not wanting to watch it. At which point she reminded me that, yes, I’m the one that can’t go into the kid’s room once he’s asleep.
We ended up watching the movie, but I sure as heck wasn’t going in that baby’s room!


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