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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm Not Making This Up

I'm not blowing smoke up your ass when I tell you Katie is amazing. Like, mind-blowing, shake-your-head amazing. See all the super-cute animals keeping the kid company? Katie made those. Folks, it's one thing to pick a cute, retro fabric for your kid's room, but it's a whole other level to take the animal imagery from that fabric and then make those animals. If Max's first word is an unholy curse, it'll be because his mother sat at an ancient sewing machine for hours, swearing like a sailor, coaxing that piece of crap machine to spit out the animals.

And, yes, child safety experts don't like the stufffed animals in there. Once he gets more active in the crib, we'll pull 'em out. For now, they make awesome props to keep him propped at an angle while he sleeps. And now, you'll excuse me, I have to go sing to my kid. Posted by Picasa


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