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Monday, June 26, 2006

One-Half Stud

I know we’ve seen this shot before: Max having tummy-time. However, this is different: the big boy is rolling over on his own. Rather than do it in his crib, before he goes to sleep, much to the consternation of his parents, he’s now rolling in the all-seeing light of day.
The rolling over is pretty intense. Mostly because he hasn’t figured out the whole “stomach-to-back” roll. Once our half studded boy gets on his tummy, he hangs out — pretty happy — until he gets sick of the weight of his head. Then, unable to crawl, really, he starts to squirm and fuss until you pick him up. We haven’t quite figured out how to teach him how to roll back over, yet.
The wildest thing, though, is watching him think about rolling over. Getting to his side is old hat for the big guy, but you can sit there and watch him consider his options once he’s there: “Hmmm, on my side again. Shall I relax back to my back and whack the Whoozit or shall I head on over to my tummy? Hmmmm, what did I do last time? Let’s go for the back! That always seems to freak the big one out.”


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