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Friday, June 23, 2006

All About Elvis' Mother

Every passing day finds Max making more and more “talking” noises. The other day, it was storytime for Grandpa TR and Max. TR found himself listening intently as Max detailed the day’s adventures. Now, I’m not going to type here, pretending that Max is some sort of talking prodigy: he’s a cute kid making a lot of cute noises. Heck, he’s almost laughing, even! Although his laughs sound, right now, more like he has a hair in his throat than an actual laugh.
Lately, when The Boy and I are having a conversation in Max’s made-up language of coos and squeals, I can’t help but think of Elvis and his Mother. The two of them spoke in their very own baby-talk language that no one else could understand. While I am as big a fan of made-up languages as the next guy, Ol’ E and his Momma took it a bit too far, with the whole creepy affair (pun-intended) culminating with Elvis speaking, in their language, to his recently deceased mother’s toes.
Aaaand, this would be a perfect example of why people who have too much useless information stored in their brains should never reproduce. However, if one can learn from the past, and Max does turn out to be a superstar, we’ll know better how to raise a emotionally balanced pop idol. Also, make a mental note to keep him away from Colonel Parker and Dr. Nick.


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