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Friday, May 12, 2006

Max Shakes Off the Sign, Checks the Runners

Max is moving up from fleece appreciation and button-eye pulling to full-on low motor function activities. What this means to his parents is that he is fully aware that he is gleefully making the red and white ball on lamby spin around. What this means to everyone else is that we are moving that toy into the path of Max’s already moving hand. I’d say the truth lies somewhere between.
The funny thing is, because he’s doing all of his lamby spanking with his left hand, even Katie’s thoughts turned to the millions he could earn as a baseball pitcher. Seriously, if he had starting whacking away with his right hand, we’d be pumped but not thinking that he’s the next rightie for the St. Paul Saints. But, since he’s currently a southpaw, here we are wondering if he might be the next Sandy Koufax.
Either way, we’ll be moving Max up from AA ball soon. He’s showing lots of promise!


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