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Monday, May 15, 2006

No Mother's Day Post?! I Have No Father!

Katie and I went through the list of holidays yesterday while we getting ready for a little Mother’s Day event. Now that Cinco de Mayo has filled a little hole in the month of May, the only month left without a drinking/card giving holiday is August and I have to believe it’ll only be a few more years before the beer brewers/card companies cobble together some sort of way for us to get wasted/buy cards in poor, lonely August. Maybe it’s because August is just so hot, I don’t know.
Regardless, Katie? Max and I want to thank you for just being the most amazing Mom! No matter how much love in in Max’s eyes when he looks at Lamby, I know that he loves his Mom. For me, watching Katie these last couple of months and in the days leading up to Max’s arrival, has been a revelation. Katie’s status as the Goddess of Truth and Beauty has already been well established but, now, as a Mom, she is almost indescribably great.
Remember that movie? The one you knew was going to be good while you waited in line? All the right actors, the right director, a great story: you knew it was going to be great. You go in, and you’re just blown away: you want to go back in and watch it again. You want to tell all your friends to go see it. . . now! It was so much better that you thought it was going to be. You’re seven again and Luke Sywalker is saving Princess Leia. Or better, Westly has just saved Princess Buttercup.
That’s how it is watching Katie be a Mom. . .times a thousand. It’s more beautiful and perfect than anything you could have have ever imagined. But, there they are, Max and Katie: real, wonderful, life. Happy Day After Mother’s Day!


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