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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Odd Pangs of Jealousy

I can tell you this right now: Max has never, ever looked at me with such a look of absolute adoration and love. He’s very into his Mom, and rightly so, what with the whole “life-giving-milk” thing they have going on. Even so, I don;t know that Katie or the vehicles for said life-giving milk have gotten the glowing look of love you see here.
Max is in love with his Lamby. Between Lamby-spankings, he sits in his little chair and talks to Lamby, telling her, I assume, how he loves her so much more than his parents.
I figured it would be a few years before we were supplanted by some new iteration of a Playstation but, here we are, replaced by a blue, plastic lamb with a red and white spinny ball. Oh, they grow up so fast!


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