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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dia de Los Crabby Babies

Max had a bunch of buddies over for Halloween. Unfortunately, all the prep work for his party did not include naptime so Max was not entirely able to keep it together for all of his guests. It didn't really matter to the bat, the princess, the monkey or the slacker (no costume!). However, the skeleton felt and shared Max's pain.

Max's first Halloween was as least as fun as my 11th. That was year we hit nearly every house in Wahpeton. By the end of the night, we labored along with plump pillowcases like some bizarre parade of hobbit-sized santa claus' (clai?). A kid couldn't help but dig into that stash as he went. Mom picked us up and we went to Hardee's. The questionable combination of Big Roast Beefs, fries, Snickers, Smarties, Milky Ways, Kit Kats, and Milk Duds proved unstable. I remained stationary, going for the "cow-pie" effect. Chris Tougas went for distance, wandered about the parking lot and left a handy trail of puke.

Later, we went home and ate more candy.

Just in case you were wondering, if Max had been in good mood, he would've been able to wear his costume for more than thirty seconds. Here he is before all the pressure of his party.


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