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Monday, October 09, 2006

It's Like Walking on Air!

The Baby's Mama knows a good shoe. Back in the day, when Max was in the early "glint in daddy's eye" stage, we lived in a lovely place, faraway from anything, where there were lots of spectacular people. Some were pragmatists (romantic) and some lived in yurts. One day, a yurt-dweller who had a three-year old, was trying to tell Katie how, really, cheap, early on, kids are. "Babies don't need that much!", she explained.

Or course, this was early on, when my arguements against having a kid consisted entirely of fiscal concerns (this, to mask my actual concerns which were "the-ways-in-which-I-will-screw-the-kid-up" kind). Of course, all the fiscal talk was before we had the boy and, now, as you know, I work three jobs so that we can tote him about in a golden baby seat. Heavy, yes, but quite comfy.

Where was I? Oh, yes: The old, anti-baby me, upon hearing the logic (they're cheap!) of a person who lived in house with a dirt floor, snorted: "Yeah", I said. "But, the issue is not how you feed the kid, it's how you accessorize the kid. See above shoes.


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