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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I've Got Dreams to Remember

If you want to go base, baby, way down into the cerebral cortex, and I'm talkin' pre-caveman brain, just have a kid.

I don't remember my dreams very often, that's Katie's gig. One dream, though, that I've had frequently since Max came on the scene, is about the gorilla. The gorilla always is out to get Max and I've got to f' him up before that happens. Mostly what happens, though, is a lot of gorilla and Baby Daddy avoiding each other. The gorilla never accomplishes much Max damage: he just kind of sulks around the house, which, even in the subconcious, is freaky enough. I kinda run around, half avoiding the gorilla/half thwarting the the gorilla (also the title of my next album) -- as much as you can thwart a gorilla without confronting him, I guess.

I'm sure these dreams have nothing to do with the little ape-person, grunting on the floor right now. Nothing at all.

Feel free to do some dream interpretation in comments.


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