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Sunday, October 15, 2006

When You Can't Find the Words: Say it with Bacon

Everytime I go into the Pig Barn at the Fair, man, I have to be honest: my mouth starts to water. All those piggies in there just look so, I don't know. . . flavorful! It just gets my salivary glands rockin'. Perhaps I am sick but, hey, if we don't eat the pigs, they'll just end up running the farm, right?

This weekend, the whole fam-fam was invited (and, yes, Katie will design the invites for your next party or event!) over for a super-spectacular Domingo Gigantico brunch-a-thon. Katie and I tried to say something eloquent to express how much we appreciate how generous and giving our families have been over the last year (keep up the good work, everyone!). They all have busy lives and yet, somehow, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmothers, and Sisters have managed to make time, lots of time, in their schedules for Max. Not only do we have the bestest, cutest baby in the universe, we have a fantastic family as well. Basically, guys, we'd be screwed without you; so, thanks!

We tried to say all this at the party but, I hope, in the end, that the bacon did the talking for us.


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