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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No Real Evidence

Max has begun forming what, I guess, you could describe as a "word". It's a distinctive sound with a beginning and an end and two, for lack of a better term, syllables. It's a seperate sound from all of his goos, gahs, and squeals. This seems to be a sound he's actually conciously making. He says it a lot but, mostly, he reserves it for drifting off before nap-time. It's simultaneously heart-breaking and hilarious to listen to him, laying there in his crib, repeating over and over: Ahhnnn-yawn, Ahhhnnn-yawn, Ahhhnnn-yawn, Nan-nan-nan-nan-nan. Then, you think he's fallen alseep. There are moments of silence, the monitor sits there on the armchair quietly hissing. Your shoulders relax and. . . "Ahn-yawn!" One last time.

Katie and I suspect that, possibly, Max is Korean and he just saying, "Hello!"


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