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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Oh! Incompetent Fools!

Well, Max, we're doing the best we can.

Somewhere between the feedings (he's up to 7lbs 9.5 ozs) and all the onesie changes, we forgot to check our calendar: it was national "Hold Me Continually Day". For some reason, today was the day, regardless of the fact that he was in full REM sleep: like, seriously riding the purple dragon over the magic hill to where all the luscious breasties live. The second you put him down: bing! He was awake again.

Then - prospective parents, there's a tip coming - we made the tragic mistake of cooking something with red pepper flakes in it. Enough that when you walked into the kitchen while it was cooking, you kinda did that "What's so spicy?" cough. Well, all that chili residue gets on your clothes and then, coupled with it being national "Hold Me Continually Day". . . Yes, it got a little ugly.

Max survived, though. So did we. Tomorrow, we'll find out which Max-related holiday is next! Posted by Picasa


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