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Monday, March 06, 2006

A Hard Bargin

After a long bout with a virus lovingly passed from son to father to mother, my sister, Mary, my brother-in-law, Ramon, and Max's cousin, Aurelio, were able to come to the house for a visit. No one had a coughing fit and, thankfully, we did not have to whip out the bio-hazard suits (thanks Penland Haz Mat dude, Sam!) we had at the ready.

Aurelio, graciously passed on the title belt labeled "World's Cutest Baby" and spent the rest of his time throwing a paper towel at his Dad. He and I did take a moment to lock him into a future pay-rate for his baby-sitting. I thought it went pretty well:

"Aurelio, in a few years, you'll be old enough to baby-sit little Max. Would you like to do that?"


"I was thinking we should agree on an hourly rate now. What do you think about 50 cents an hour?"

"29!" countered Aurelio


I complimented Aurelio on his excellent negotiating skills, we shook hands, signed the appropriate documents in triplicate which I promptly had notarized and locked in an apocalypse-proof safe. If the apocalypse does come, we will totally need to keep costs low.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You swindled your nephew. A proud moment in any uncle's life. I can't believe the two cutest beings in the world were in your home at the same time.

Um? Where's Frankie?

9:22 PM  

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