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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cat's in the Cradle and Mmmmmm. . . Something. . Little Boy into a Man. . . Something. . .Something

Yes, yes, ya'll! The iconic song by Harry Chapin can only mean one thing: the baby's daddy has gone back to work full-time and posts might be a bit light for the next few days. Please, take this opportunity to puruse the archives and revisit Max's glorious first days and my anguishing Scrabble defeat (which I'm totally over, BTW).

Fear not, though! This weekend we've got a regular family-palooza brewin': Aunt Leah from Shy-Town will be here and my Dad (Alias: "Where-the-Trouble-Started Pogatshnik") will see his grandson for the first time. Hopefully he'll have some tips for getting the kid turned on to lawn mowing. I think there's a chance Max's Great-Grandma will be over for a visit and, well, that'll just be really cool.

So, stick with us, here; check the archives; stay tuned: there's llllots more Max to come!


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