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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Say it With Me Max: Flannel. Flan-nel

Unless Katie has been secretly letting Max onto the bed (like she does occasionally with Frankie. Yes, honey, I know and I forgive you), this may be the first time the baby has been in our bed. Please do not hate Katie for looking so amazing so soon after Max has been born. This is not Max-in-packing-peanuts cute, but it's pretty cute nonetheless.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Max began jumping on the bed, imploring us to get up and watch Saturday Morning cartoons:

"Mom, Mom, Mom. Dad, Dad, Dad."
"Let's get up. Thundercats is on!"

Ok, that's not entirely true: Thundercats is not on TV anymore. Man, I can remember early Saturday mornings when I was a kid, Rocky and Bullwinkle would be on. Sitting there, really close to the TV 'cause the volume was so low, I could feel my head being blown off by the surreal antics of Moose and Squirrel. We'll probably wake up to Max watching reruns on "Pimp my Ride" on the old-fogey channel on the MTV. Which, I guess, wouldn't be all bad. Ga-dunk-ga-dunk! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally! Finally! This child does have a mother! Whew! I was getting worried. Cheryl

2:11 PM  

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