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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Frankie Does a Diaper Check

Our 40-pound, vicious attack poodle, Frankie, has suprisingly and wonderfully taken to the kid. For folks who know Frankie, they know that Frankie is not one for change. Frankie's turn-ons are: order, neatness, singular attention on her, dog beds. Turn-offs are: funny noises, loud noises, people appearing to have fun, people hugging, people kissing, people in yard (what we know as "the universe"), large yoga balls.

I was a bit worried about how Ol' Franks would react to a small, funny-noised dog toy that required hugging, kissing and, for some reason, was being kept from her. I've watched Frankie disembowel helpless stuffed piggies and squirrels enough times to know she eyed Max, wondering where the squeaker is in that thing.

Thankfully, the first few days after Max came home, she was so depressed from a lack of attention, she mostly ignored him. There was something pretty comical about a poodle walking into a room where Max was screaming and then looking at me with a "You there, please kill me" look in her eyes. That morphed into a chagrined acceptance of this new dog toy and now, it seems, she just thinks Max is hers.

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