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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What Happened Next

What happened next was we went in Sunday evening, they worked some magic on Katie, we played Scrabble and went to sleep. The next morning, around eleven, they started running pitocin into Katie's IV. Pitocin (or "pit", as the kids call it) is a version of the chemical that makes labor happen. So, uh, then, Katie's labor happened. By 2pm , she was in pretty intense labor. What that means is that every couple of minutes, Katie would get a Thousand Yard Stare (tm) going on, do some cleansing breaths and prepare for the next contraction. All this labor was pretty tiring and at 8pm, she ordered an epidural. Pain, my friends, is over-rated.

By ten-thirty, the mid-wife and nurses were all set up for delivery. Katie gave three big pushes during every contraction and at 11:10, well, little Max, for lack of a better term, popped out.

Katie was amazing through the whole process. I'm now actually uncertain that she hasn't done this before and she isn't hiding some dark, Dickinsonian secret from me that I'll find out about the time she reveals that she's some billionaire's long lost wife. Until then, though, I'll just be content that Katie continues to tolerate me and allows me to hang out with my beautiful little son.

That's what happened next.


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