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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two Against One

Let's go back in time a bit. We went into the hospital on Sunday evening to begin the process of inducement. There's some stuff they have to do the night before to get ready for inducement the next day. You can see the strap around Katie's belly, right? It held a sensor that registered the contractions on a computer monitor. Once labor really fired up, you could watch the contractions happen as a big arc on the scrolling graph. I secretly named this "Contraction TV" as the person in labor would not have found this funny at the time that I named it. She didn't really find it funny the next day either.

The important thing about this picture is the Scrabble game. It's not even that Katie won. The important thing is that I would've won had I not drawn the 'Q' in one of my last turns. Also not helping was the fact the Katie drew the 'Z' in one of her last turns. I couldn't use the 'Q', Katie got 10 more points and I lost 10 points. Scrabble sucks! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Randy Lewandowski said...

It found that it only sucks when I loose.


11:29 AM  

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