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Thursday, March 02, 2006

They Write Songs About This Crap

Ok, so, some of you weirdos have said, "Where are the pictures of you with the baby?". While it's never a good idea to call your readers "weirdos", that is, in fact, the clinical term for people who want to see pictures of me. Just following rules, folks!

Anyway, I've always thought that Stevie Wonder song "Sunshine of my Life" was a little over the top. Love Stevie, like the song, but, geez, sing a song about your kid, fine. But, put your kid's gurgles right there in the song? That's madness!

However, I see now that Stevie was showing a great deal of restraint and we should all be happy that there is no audio at this blog 'cause I would post freaking hours of this kid's noises and the songs we've been singing to him. Even though most of them are about pee and poop in their glorious quantities and qualities, I like to think they're pretty accesible. Hell, anything sung to the tune of "Smoke on the Water" is damn entertaining. Posted by Picasa


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