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Monday, September 04, 2006

Peas and Carrots on a Stick

Our first visit to the fair with the kid. Max, as we've discussed previously, was relatively unimpressed. Even in the face of Hotdish on a Stick, the boy was nonplussed and somber. Baby Daddy, however, knows when he's in the presence of something spectacular and magical and reacted accordingly.

I have to say, the fair is pretty baby-friendly. It helps, of course, to go early on a seemingly rainy day. I doubt today, in all its absolute perfection would have been fun with a baby-laden stroller. When we went, though, it was pretty mellow. We learned, funnily enough, that a carnie, drunk enough, will let you take your baby on just about any ride. Max loved the thing that shoots you straight up in the air, sling-shot style. Also, he was strangely attracted to the ride on The Midway that has the really bad, huge painting of Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. on it. Go figure.

As for prizes, the little bugger outdid his old man and very nearly shot all of the red star away with the sub-machine BB gun. Much like Picasso's father, who threw away his paint brushes when he saw his son's raw talent, so did I toss away my roll of tickets once I saw that I would never right a Corona bottle with a fishing pole the way my boy can.


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