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Monday, August 28, 2006

Max: Being Tired is Funny!

Folks who have met Max, know that he is a pretty sober baby. It takes quite a bit to get the kid laughing. Some people take this personally, and they should, 'cause they're not funny. However, you get ahold of Max near bed-time and, heck, getting him to laugh is about as difficult as breathing! Make a slight effort and you've got a baby-shaped laughing machine on your changing table.

So, next time you're feeling some low self-esteem 'cause you can't make Max laugh, just come over to our house around 9 o'clock any night of the week: Max'll give your life meaning again. Or just search "laughing" "cute" "baby" at YouTube and pretend you're the one making the kid laugh.


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more videos, domo arigato!

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