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Sunday, April 16, 2006

LLLLlllllllet's Get Rrrrrreadyyy to Rrrrrrrummmblllllle!

Oh, it’s on: Bottle Battle ‘06, baby! This is probably the first time that we’ve been a little freaked out during this whole baby process. Katie is going back to work soon, really soon. Like, Tuesday, soon. Going to work is easy. And, by that, I mean that it’s been easier for me to spend the day at work, than is for Katie to stay home with the kid. It’s much easier to punch the clock and drink the kool-aid than it spending the day trying to read the tea leaves of Max’s moods. Now, things are going to get muy interesante: two jobs, one kid.
Scheduling our jobs and various grandmother and aunt-based babysitting is fairly doable, the trick is food. Trust me when I tell you that bottles are not breasts. As we established earlier, getting anything by Max is like finding an Army General to have his picture taken, smiling, with Donny Rummy: Unlikely! So began the Battle of the Bottle.
Turns out that Max likes lying down when he’s drinking (insert teenage drinking experience joke here) and he really likes it if you look at him “upside down” while he’s sucking. Plus, Mom has to be outside, playing with Frankie.
There’s no real way to express how exciting it is that he’s taking milk from the bottle. Especially if you had seen the way he freaked when we first tried. The phrase “You have ruined my day” comes to mind. Also, “I hate you, evil parents”. But now, he seems to be OK with the bottle. It’s like the absolute opposite of teaching him to smoke. Suck, little Max, suck!
Update: 1st Paragraph edited for clarity. Love you, Katie!


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