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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They Call Him Rio and He Dances on the Sand or Yes, We are Like Rabbits

Our little blog-break was long enough that another cousin fell out of the Max and Miles Cousin Tree. Super-cute cousin, Lucia, got a brother named Rio a few weeks ago. Much like Lucia, her brother has a heavy genetic predisposition to overwhelming cuteness. So much so, we might almost be able to forgive the fact that Duran Duran gets stuck in my head every time I look at/hear about/talk about/think the baby boy.

Eventually, someone will have to have a conversation with Rio explaining why Uncle breaks into a spastic rendition of "The Reflex" each time he comes around.

Until then: Welcome Rio!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it's been a while! This post helps make up for it, though. We live (I'm guessing) 1,000 miles apart, but we definitely have the same sensibility. Not sure I would ever be able to get the Rio song out of my head either!
--NYC Stalker, Janice

12:38 PM  

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