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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Kind of Two

The yes-we're-gonna-party-party party isn't until Saturday so tonight, after some killer take-out, we celebrated with a wee cupcake, a little frosting, some sprinkles and two candles. The cupcake is apparently one of many destined to become part of some elaborate, dinosaur-themed, cupcake-based mosaic.

I'm starting to think that Katie does these things to make us all feel inadequate.

As for Miles, Miles and his dreamy blue eyes; Miles and his impeccable comic timing; Miles and his daredevil tendencies, we love this maniac child who is wonderful and spectacular in ways that generally leave us dumbfounded.

Here's a video that's pretty much Miles's life in a nutshell: The kid can out-crazy Max like falling out of a chair (which he has done many, many times and now does just for fun). So, here's Miles, schooling Max on some crazy jumping. Max, taking a page from Bush-era diplomacy, rather than being impressed and applauding his brother's efforts, just tackles him. Later, he would say, he just did it for his little brother's safety. And Freedom.

Happy Birthday, Little Miles!


Blogger Aaron Sober said...

Hey Matt

Hope you are doing well. Your boys are so cute. All is well here in maine. Just wanted to let you know i am keeping up with the blog and happy holidays. Say hello to everyone for me.


10:11 AM  
Blogger The Baby's Daddy said...

Aaron! Everytime Max sticks anything in his ear and goes, "BZZZZZZT!", we think of you. This happens frequently, so we think of you a lot.

We hope those holiday sales are rockin'!

Hugs to the mighty MB!

Peace out!

6:25 AM  

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