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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jimmy B is in Da Houuuuuussssse!!!

18 Years Later . . . .

"Hi, Scootchie."

"Yo, Wuz-Wuz."

"Yo, Scootch, did I ever tell you about Jimmy B?"

"You mean, Jimmy B, the Jimmy B that ruled Chicago's West Side like a slightly-crazed benevolent dictator made from velvet and a hammer? Like he was a velvet hammer? A result of the deadly combination of fiery Irish blood co-mingled with the stoic genetic code of the mighty Slavs. The Jimmy B who, at the tender age of six, would shake down half the fifth grade, and take the loot back to his classmates, shouting, "Push-Ups on the hiz-ouse!!"? Jimmy B who would walk into an olde-timey screening of Stars Wars with his Dad and all the geek-dads and geek-kids would stand to wait until Jimmy B had picked his favorite seat? That Jimmy B?"

"Wait, Wuz, when you say "ruled the West Side", by "West Side", do you mean "a couple of blocks between his house and the Costco over there"? And by "ruled", do you mean "sort of bossy when amped up on chocolate milk"?

"Uhhh, yeah. Yeah, that's pretty much what I mean."

"Jimmy B."

"Jimmy B!"

Max, Miles, Katie and I would like to welcome new cousin, James William B____, to the universe! Congratulations to my sister and my brother-in-law!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful! He couldn't ask for a better entrance!

12:11 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

I love how his little hat is sort of frayed. I wanna kiss him!!

love, Mary

4:42 PM  

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