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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cats Are Full of Hatred

As we've pointed out here once or twice, one of the joys of parenting is the "getting-of-the-kid-to-do-things-typically-only-adults-do-or-say". 68 million views of this video proves this tenet pretty emphatically. 68 million views, people!

For example, if you teach your child to "Give the Rock", as in: "Hey! It's so great you just hit that homerun! Give me the rock!", during awkward silences at family gatherings, you can induce the child to perform "The Rock" and everyone will laugh, breaking the silence.

This laughter re-enforces the action for the child, so they repeat it, giving "The Rock" to everyone with a hand. Once everyone gets the gist of it, though, the laughter kind of dries up. Miles, persistent and without trepidation, began to search out new "rock" partners. In doing so, he proved another fact of children: almost anything involving kids with animals increases Cuteness exponentially.

The audio for this is pretty much what you'd expect: Miles stands there, saying, "Give. Me. Rock!", punctuating each "Rock!" with a fist-to-paw bump. Non-audio, cat-communication from Butter, the cat, is also pretty much as you'd expect: "Little human, you touch me one more time and, I swear, I will chew your face off. Dammit! you did it again! Ok, one more time. . . Dammit!"


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