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The blog about Max and his little brother, Miles. Stunningly cute boys and future leaders of the rebel forces.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pay No Attention to Those Kids Behind the Curtain!

A casual peruser of this blog may be lead (by my careful manipulation) to believe that we lead a mighty idyllic life here Casa Papa de los bebes. Unlike other father bloggers who tend to let it all hang out there, I like to think of myself as, like, the Colonel Parker to my boys' Elvis. I'm out there at the shows, selling 8x10 glossies and vetting non threatening movie scripts. Case and point: Here are are two brain-meltingly cute brothers, sharing a playful bath together. Look at the sweet face of Max, smiling as his brother gazes upon him with pure adulation. It's a little slice of heaven!

The truth, though, my friends, is a titch uglier:


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