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Saturday, August 30, 2008

1 and 1/10 Houses

In an effort to make Max more electable, we're trying to up the number houses we own. Doing this within our budget meant scaling back a little. Max didn't seem to mind. He settled right in. After unpacking his boxes and hanging his art, he took time fix his old man a little something.

After a few minutes of putzing around the old place, Max suddenly appeared in his doorway, "Daddy want Coca-Cola?"

"Uh, sure, Max, I'll have a Coca-Cola. Thanks."

"Max make Daddy Coca-Cola." And he headed back into his casa.

I didn't see any rum or limes in his new house but, somehow, I put on an excited face for my young son.

Max reappeared at the door and held out his hand, "Here, Daddy!"

I thanked him for the Coke, sipped my imaginary drink and was just thankful he didn't quite have the vocabulary to offer me the requisite tour.


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