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Monday, September 01, 2008

How Much Food can a Max-Chuck Chuck?

So, really, while the Minnesota State Fair remains close to its agrarian roots, what with its rows and rows of jars of seeds and honey, some with first or second place ribbons; and a building filled with everything that could possibly grow from a seed in the ground and then be judged.

That's not to mention the kids who come from all over the state with their horses, cows and bacons. . . pigs! I mean pigs. All those kids who sleep next to their animals' stalls and hope that the judge doesn't go all political on them just 'cause the kid in the next pen is from some hoity-toity 4H club.

While all that is true, the reason you go to the fair is to pay five dollars for numerous things served on a stick, five dollars for Sweet Martha's cookies, five dollars for fried cheese curds, five dollars for lemonade, five dollars for ice cream, five dollars for french fries, and ten dollars for parking.

What makes it worth it, though, is one: desensitizing Miles to bright lights, loud noises, and carnies. And, two, paying five dollars for a soft pretzel only to have Max pretend it's a steering wheel while he eats it. Oh, and two bucks to go on Max's first carousel ride with him.

Love the fair!


Blogger Robin Dreyer said...

Go, Max! Drive that $5 pretzel.

12:24 PM  

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