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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Do Not Be Deceived

Oh,look at the at the sweet, little angel baby, reaching out to gently cup another flower of the world. Look how the sweet, little angel baby takes the flower into his precious hand as if he were holding a cloud or another sweet, little angel baby.

Oh, oh! But the sweet, little angel baby is just grabbing the flower! Augh! He's eating it! He's laughing evil laughter while he eats it! He hates these flowers! Devil baby! This is a devil baby!

In short, we are not so very worried about the Miles baby's motor function. This child is so fast, every time he reaches for something, you hear a little karate movie sound effect of a very fast action: woooOOO-TASH! Setting this kid down anywhere is accompanied by the "Perimeter Sweep Alert!". Put him down and you have to give a hearty "Bah-WHOOP! Bah-WHOOOP! Bah-WHOOOP!" while you clear away anything that could be squeezed through fingers, stuck in the mouth or rubbed about the hair and cute onesie.

Who knew that angels were like so many gentle, little Waco Kids?


Blogger Leah said...

I can't stand this. I pretty much fell off the couch at the intensity of the cuteness. I will recover by staring at my not as cute dog for the next 10 minutes.

7:59 AM  

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