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Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Reason Katie is a Better Mother than You

Yes, Max did request that Mommy carve the pumpkins. Of course, one, will be ordered "Curious George" style. What's that? I have another pumpkin? Two? Two pumpkins?! Well, if I have two pumpkins and I already know that one will turn into a George then the second should be. . . AN EXCAVATOR!

So all Max knows is that some pumpkins were bought, he got to choose the theme and then he went to bed. What he didn't see was Mommy, up late and bleary-eyed, swearing and stabbing at the poor, little pumpkins. Long, long, looong time readers of this blog will know this type of blue streak-fueled creativity is a recurring theme.

Whatever punk yoinks these from our stoop had better appreciate the hell out of 'em before he smashes them on the street in front or our house.


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