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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Taste for Fine Design. . . Literally

For reasons I've yet to comprehend, Halloween seems to be a big, hairy (spider) deal at Grandma Kay's work. Something about selling cubicles, carpet and really, really hot designer furniture makes normally staid adults do the dress-up thing.

If it's Halloween and it falls on a Friday, all the rules of decorum go out the window. That means, not only do my kids go out to Grandma's work, it means I have a video of Max driving around the stockroom on a forklift, chasing someone's dog and adults in costumes. It also means, people at Grandma Kay's work, that I can make that video go away as long as one (1) Noguchi table is white-glove delivered to an address of my choosing.

Even more exciting (and less blackmail-ly) is the fact that Miles seems to really like the molded plywood and clean lines of what we lovingly call the Eames' "Potato Chip" chair. It's unclear of Miles was chewing on the chair because he thought it was, in fact, a potato chip or because it's just a lovely thing or could it have been because he thought by licking it, no one else would want it and mommy and daddy could have at least one nice thing in their house?


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