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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Holy Crap! I Have Feet!

If a guy were forced to find the negative attributes of Miles, he might first point to the youngest one's total slacker tendencies. Tendencies most directly evidenced by Miles' lack of desire to stand, jump or generally admit that he has legs at all.

While his cousin, who is just a month older, wows the crowd with her almost walking, Miles leans up against a chair, blows smoke rings, and shrugs with half-lidded eyes that reek of unimpressed boredom. He's like a cat watching a dog do tricks.

Until we snapped this photo, the most Miles would do in the Jump-Up is sway back and forth, the tops of his feet dragging across the floor, Cro-Magnon style. Yesterday, though, he slapped the soles of his feet on the hardwood and gave a couple of half-hearted pumps of his piernas.

Overcome by his exertion, he lolled forward and drooled while he watched his brother watch Curious George.


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