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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Who is this Kid?

While National Night Out '08 (much to Max's chagrin) was not quite like last year's root beer float-soaked vice parade, we still got to see Max become a new Max-like Max.

This is year three for us and the neighbs so uncomfortable silences and awkward pauses are pretty much at a minimum. While we chatted up a storm, Max took about a seven second pause before he ran off with a group of kids. The rest of the evening, we'd see Max, half a block away, throwing a ball, watching some bigger kids do something super-cool or pushing someone in a go-kart. Every so often, he'd run by where we were sitting, wave, "Hi!" And keep going.

Perspective slam: Now, when I was 23, I went to Mexico to take some Spanish classes and I didn't come home for almost two years. There must've been something really wrong with my parents. Extrapolating my feelings about Max two houses away at two and a half years of age over the next 30 years means I'll be ready for him to get on the school bus when he's 19.

He can save this go-kart for when I'm ready for him to drive. . . in 2030!!


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