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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trouble be Doubled

Mad props are due to Grandpa TR and Grandma Sylvia. They ponied up for the Porsche of baby joggers. You grip the handle bar on this thing and a little voice whispers in your ear: "Ruunnn with meeee!" I assume the voice in your head would be different once there's 45 pounds of babies loaded up in there. Something along the lines of "What the F was I thinking? Jogging with babies?!"

No worries, though, it shan't be me thinking those thoughty thoughts as I'm not the coo-coo bird that jogs in this house. That would be Mommy. The most exercise I've gotten in the last two years is how ever many calories you burn while staring longingly at road bikes while you iron clothes for work.

Whatever the case, the jogger has made Katie very happy. Max likes to run around it; Miles likes to sit in it; and neighbor dog, Lucy, likes to scratch herself near it. So, thanks to Pop-Pop and Gange!


Anonymous bryony said...

No, you de'eh say pop-pop and Gange!

6:34 PM  

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