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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time Out

This isn't a picture of Max's first time-out which, according to Katie, was not exactly what you'd call a "Kodak Moment". I've worked about 16,000 thousand days in a row recently, which results in less blogging and less time with the family. This results in Katie having it up tO HERE, even with the world's cutest, yet occasionally impudent, two year-old.

My schedule should get back to semi-normal, here, in a few days so we'll be back to regular posting soon.

Meanwhile, Max has used the verb "does" correctly. As in: "Does! Flips! Red! Bull! 'Copter!" This would be Max, excitedly describing the way a large, stuffed chicken flips in the air when I throw it for Frankie. "Red!" and "Bull!" are referencing one of Max's favorite youtube links.

Here, though, you see Max in a quiet moment. These are the times that are just breath-taking to me. Somewhere in his day, the boy has settled in, next to a small cabinet where we keep (coughcoughstuff books and toys when people are coming over coughcough) some books. Where, of his own volition pulls out books, and begins to "read" them. He calmly sits, flipping through the pages, looking at the pictures and, I guess, reading. After a while, he notices Katie and I watching him, sort of snickering with pride; sort of crying because he's so cute, and he notices the TV's still on or that the sun is out.


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