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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Think Pretty Thoughts

Here are some things to think about while you aren't thinking about Max and his 102 degree fever and Miles with his snuffly, snorkel-ly nose. The cough of a 3 month old. Lordy, my heart has not broken this many times in one day since I was single in 1995 and I went to graduation weekend at the U of Wisconsin: Madison. Let's not think about Max, fever-dopey Max, drifting off while sitting up, trying to watch his fiftieth Elmo of the day. Trying to pretend he was awake much like my Grandmother watching Larry King.

So, instead of thinking about that, think about this:

1. Tonight. Tired Max, read to, ready to be sung to, carried out to the kitchen to say "nye-nye" to mommy. Says "nye-nye" to mommy and then continues: "Nye-nye, talkie (that's my walkie-talkie for work). Nye-nye, apple." He looks at the stove, "Nye-nye, cooking." We walk back towards his room, going through the living room, his eyes look for friends, "Nye-nye, Play-Doh. Nye-nye, phone." Before we go through his door, he looks back down the dark hallway, towards his brother's room, "Nye-nye, Miles."

2. Max's favorite YouTube links:
Pancakes for your Face
Cooking with Dave Max's quick review: "Sawing! Potatoes!"
Red Bull Helicopter
Kittens at Lunch

Don't you feel better?


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