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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grande! Venti! Large! Small!

Cute kid story ahead. You've been warned.

A couple of nights ago, Max is in the tub. This is quality playtime for the boy: controlled environment, warm water, lots of toys and, I'm pretty sure, a willful desire to delay bed-time. We're hanging out. Max is excavating and dumping water from bottles to dump trucks to bulldozers to cups and back to bottles. Nothing out of the ordinary.

At some point, dump truck began running a route along the edge of the tub. "Digging dirt, over there!" Max says. And he points to the other corner of the tub. Dump truck makes a run for the corner. Along the way, though, they kind of had to get around the built-in soap dish: dump truck didn't quite fit underneath. Now digging dirt was off the priority list. Now a guy's gotta shove the dump truck into the soap dish. Let's shove a cup into there, too. It's good if, while you do this, you yell random stuff.

While all this is going on, I'm half-watching, smiling, and flipping through whatever's on the bathroom floor: a two-month old Dwell, a Sierra Trading Post Catalog. I'm more of a life guard, really, a bath facilitator.

"One coffee, please! One brown coffee, please!" Max has grabbed the handle of the soap dish and leaned his face right up to it. I can see his eyes reflected in the chrome. He gets this squinty gleam going on when he knows he's being funny/smart.

"Max, are you ordering coffee?" I ask, disbelievingly.

"One coffee, please! One blue coffee, please!" And he laughs.

At this point I want in on the fun. So I cover up my mouth and respond like I'm taking the order, "One coffee, coming up! Thank you! One blue coffee, coming up! Thank you!"

"Daddy. Own. Coffee."

I do the "kid-on-the-other-end-of-speaker" voice again.

This wasn't right though, 'cause Max repeats, "Daddy. Own. Coffee."

"Do I need to order my own coffee?"


I lean over to the soap dish and make my order. Max falls down, he's laughing so hard. I fall over, I'm laughing so hard. the rest of the bath is spent filling up little cups with imaginary coffee and drinking them. Sail boat, too, had to get jammed in the soap dish to make an order.

The blue coffee wasn't bad.


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