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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Since there's not really much I can add to this other than "Here's a picture of our nearly perfect child, Miles, who makes an excellent complement to our other, slightly more willful, but equally perfect child, Max", I'll tell you about Katie, The World's Greatest Wife: My job is not completely sucky and soul-sucking. It does, though, have moments when a suicide/killing spree seems like a viable option. This, I'm sure, is not unlike many other jobs.

Today was one of "those" days at ye olde giant non-evil wholesaler. Now, as you well know, spring is a difficult time for the mild alcoholic: too warm for scotch, yet too cold for beer. This makes a quandary out of self-medication. The rule, of course, is: fall to the arriving season. So it is spring, finally, here. Almost summer, even. When work gets you down, that means beer. The transition is tough, though, and Spring can surprise you. You've cases of scotch but no beer! Not, at least, that are cold. Before I drove home, I called my wonderful wife, to ask if she could throw some of last fall's bottles in the freezer for quick cooling. And this is how she responded, nonchalantly, as if it were the most natural thing in the world: "Oh, there's beer in the fridge. I went to Trader Joe's today."

There is no diamond large enough, that I could mine with my own hands, and cut until looking at it would blind you like looking at the sun; there is no shoe, funky enough, and comfortable enough, that I could search out and buy at great expense; there is nothing I could ever do or offer that would equal the greatness of my incredible wife. This doesn't even include the excellent job she's done merely balancing out my totally flawed genetics. So, here's to Katie, Miles and Max! To everything that is absolutely right in the world.


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