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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Calling in the Airstrike

It has become difficult to shoot video or even take pictures of the boy. Once snapped, he invariably demands to see the picture you've just taken. "Pict-chur! Pict-chur!" He says while he reaches out for the camera to see what you've just taken.

If we had this kid not so very long ago, we would have no screens on our cameras and we'd be able to get pictures of him holding the walkie-talkie up to his mouth yelling, "Mosh! Mush! Mish! Mosh!" Which is what, I guess, he thinks he sees/hears me doing at work. Either that, or he's calling all the punk rockers on his frequency to come over and pogo out their rebellion in our backyard.

After he yells into the walkie, he'll hold it up to his ear, waiting for the punkers to respond. Thankfully, they haven't yet.


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