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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Context is Important

In the Ceramics world, we do a lot of demonstrating. "Demo-ing" we, now, I guess, they call it. People who make pottery watch other pottery-ers make their pottery. It's a funny clay thing and one of the ways we scare off curious painters and sculptors.

"The Demo is at three," people say. "I heard Sam Chung is Demo-ing! He's hawt!" Undergrads yell. "John Britt was demo-ing, but then he scared me with some crazy talk about molecular unity. So I went to the Ron Meyers demo." I've heard that, like, a hundred times.

Anyway, you get the point.

So, to contextualize the previous cute picture, the whole time, Max was Demo-ing "How Mommy uses the breast pump" to an amazed Miles.

"Pumping!" Max says and then he tries to mimic the "RRRrrr, RRRrrr, RRRrrr" of Ol' Bessie's motor, hard at work. Oh, "Ol' Bessie" is what we call the breast pump. The fun never ends, folks!


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