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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Miles Report

If Miles had been first, by this point you'd have read post after post about spit-up and onesies and Baby Bjorns. But, luckily for you, Miles is second, so you get no news! Not regularly, anyhoos. Here's what we have so far: not much spit-up, he likes TV, and he seems fine with sleeping in the living room in his bassinet. It's like a one baby slumber party! I suppose one of these nights, we'll come out, and Max will be sitting next to Miles with his hands under the kid while he chants, "He's as stiff as a feather; light as a board."

But, yep, Miles loves his big brother and the big brother loves Miles. As of yet, there's been no scarring, life-long trauma for Max having to share the "Center of the Universe" sobriquet. I'm spending way less time with a Bjorn strapped on, walking back and forth in the basement than I did with Max. Well, I'm spending no time doing that so, really, in some weird way, I feel like I'm not bonding with the boy. Early on, Max and I had a looot of quality time in that basement.

We never really made a point of not watching TV with Max but, we didn't. With Miles though, man, that boob tube is like a glowing angel that stuns him into silence while you change his diaper. One unfortunate side effect has been that, during a diaper change, Max has figured out who Elmo is. I did not know that Elmo is like crack for two year-olds. Sweet, pure crack. So, yeah, both my kids are hooked on baby crack: things are great!


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