Max and Miles who, to Me, Will Always be Secretly Named "Gus"

The blog about Max and his little brother, Miles. Stunningly cute boys and future leaders of the rebel forces.

Friday, March 14, 2008


As we've previously established, Max is more into knocking things down than building things up. Ugh, maybe he is a Republican. The tantrums, the neediness, the greediness, the crying when he doesn't get his way. . . Man, it kinda makes sense. And tax cuts for the wealthy, he never shuts up about tax cuts for the wealthy! "It's the only way to stimulate the economy," he says. "Shut up and eat your wild rice," I say.

Anyhoos, you didn't come here for that. You came here to watch Max wreck stuff. Typically, tower destruction would be preceded by a hearty "Knock it down!" with some hands thrown in the air for effect. This time, though, it was personal!


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