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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Max Goes Off Script

Max really isn't in Kanye West or Howard Beale territory here but, indeed, a disturbing tendency to "color outside the lines" develops during this video. Now, normally, a good ol' iconoclast like m'self would be comfortable with a little rebellion. That's fine. . . in other people's kids. Now, in my old age and my fatherhood, I'm only interested in how other people's kids being bad helps Max look good.

Sadly, Max does himself no favors here, veering wildly off a program of pronunciation exercises. It must be something about Miss Spider: the wild colors and fun rhymes either drive the boy to tears or corrupt him hopelessly. Years from now, busted for buying a bunch of teenagers a case for Coors Light, he can break down crying and use the "It was Miss Spider" defense.

Hey, it worked for Phil Spector!

PS: Kidding about the pronunciation exercises! You hear him slurring? Yeah, that's the scotch.


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