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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Max on Eleven

So, you say, what do I need to do to increase Max's amperage? How, pray tell, could I make Max more?
You don't need the meth and you don't need the speed, you just need to skip the morning nap; then you skip the afternoon nap. That gets you this:

But you say, ehh, this does not seem quite loud enough. I need toddler-mania set to a vibration level for dogs and bats. Well then, after your gratuitous nap-skipping,
you go to family event with a live band, an open bar, and tiki torches. The tiki torches: that's what gets you this:

Lemme tell ya: there's nothing more disturbing than a mostly incoherent toddler running around your house randomly measuring things. He dashed from one thing to another, stretching out the tape and querying, "Ahhhha?" While it was all a little disconserting, we do now have handy dimensions of nearly everything in the house.


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