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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Running of the Bulls in Dan Patch-loma

Things got ugly at the fair this year. Thankfully, Max, like his parents, is a late sleeper so we got there well after our friend met his awful end.

Last year, we had a pretty full day of fair food and Machinery Hill. That was little, compliant, baby Max. This year, we went with willful, needing-a-nap Max. We had time to score some cheese curds from our dealer and swing through the Fine Arts building. Oh, and we got to see an old lady puking into a garbage barrel. The fair is great!

The Boy'll tell you the best thing this year was the tram. Certainly, my highlight was watching Max watch the tram pass over head. He would look up until he had to lean his head waaaay back and, as the tram got further away, he would just keep leaning until he nearly fell over. Even after three or four times, this did not stop being funny.


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