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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dirt is Yummy

We have this great book. Ok, we have a few of these great books by Leslie Patricelli: Yummy/Yucky, Big/Little, Blankie. Classics, every one. Interestingly, there is no judgement about dirt in Yummy/Yucky. There's soup: soup is yummy. There's coffee: coffee is yucky. That one always gives Max "confused-puppy-head" 'cause Daddy has always explained that "without coffee, there is no life." So, how could coffee be yucky? Oh yeah, Hot Sauce is yucky. Who knew?

And there's sand; sand is yucky. Sandwiches are yummy, but sand is yucky. The book is full of dichotomies like that. I keep looking for the hidden page that illustrates Capitalism and Communism.

However, if you'll notice: there is no judgment about dirt. Why? Because dirt is yummy, silly!

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